The John and Pat McCutcheon Charitable Foundation

The John and Pat McCutcheon Charitable Foundation was established to provide support in the areas of environmental protection and social enterprise within the province of Ontario.

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Our goal is to fund projects and programs where our investment has the most impact.  Therefore we are most interested in proposals that highlight collaboration for the purpose of leveraging resources. Ideally the project will lead to a self-sustaining model.


To be considered for funding all organizations must be a registered Canadian charity and must provide all information requested in the attached application. Proposals for multi year funding must be limited to three years.


Successful applicants must provide a detailed progress reports once a year. Organizations requesting funds for research must agree to make that research fully accessible to the public.


Our application deadline is February 1. Final approval for projects is March 31, with funds forwarded no later than April 30. However, because our review process is continuous, it is very strongly advised that applications be submitted as soon as possible.


All applications must be submitted through the form found on this site, and forwarded via email. Applications that are mailed, or incomplete will not be considered.